Computer protection

Please help protect your children online. While Wake County has filters in place to try and block inappropriate content on our children’s devices, it’s important for you to review what they are viewing online, both for productivity and for safety. What can you do to help keep your child safe and on task? Here are some steps to take action today:

* Talk with your kids about using the computer appropriately. When they are in live meets, they are at school. So while they have the ability to open other tabs and play games or do non-school related things while on their live meets, we need to help the teachers enforce student engagement.

* Review your child’s browsing history with your kids. Don’t make it a secret that you can access what they’ve searched for or clicked on. They should know you have this ability, and this helps open the dialogue with you to talk with your kids about what’s available online and how to keep them safe.

* Talk with your child about anything inappropriate they might have already seen and/or how to stay safe online.

* Report any inappropriate content to the WCPSS Helpdesk ( or 919-664-5700) and Ballentine Administration ( or 919-557-1120) in order to help us support the County in their efforts to block inappropriate content.

* Take a look at the parent resources we have available on our website.

Help us support our teachers with keeping our kids engaged in learning, and help keep our children safe online and protect their impressionable minds from harmful content!